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We have often heard people asking us why do we need SEO for our website. And my simple answer to them is always not having SEO is like getting all dressed up for your wedding and not having a single guest for it.In, technical terms if you have a business and website, you got to have SEO if you want to have people seeing you. You may not know but Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in having a great online presence.In this blog, you will get to understand how SEO will help you build a great brand. At Digifyers we constantly thrive to make dreams a reality.

I have curated a list 10 Major Reasons to WHY SEO

SEO Brings Relevant Traffic

The traffic through the Search engine is most relevant traffic as the visitor came because you are giving what they are searching for. The traffic that comes organically has a higher chance of converting than that which comes from paid advertisement. There are 2 billion people who are searching through the net, so if you want the right one out of the, you need to have SEO for your website.

SEO helps Increase Sales

One the reason for SEO being such a big industry is the proven fact that SEO Increase the sales.This is a simple mechanism when you get the relevant traffic that is the right leads the sales are bound to increase. So, as a small business having or doing SEO is a must. It will help you grow your business.

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Build Brand authority

You, me and many other people use Google for research of almost anything and everything. But have you ever wonder why we use Google? The answer is simply that we trust Google to provide us with relevant information.So, imagine if you have a high ranking on the Search Engine, how much trust you will gain as a Brand. In fact, more than 37 % of the people click the first two-three links on listing organically.

SEO saves Money

According to independent research, SEO gets 90 % more clicks than PPC, the lead converted through organic traffic is basically free which makes it a lot cheaper.You need to keep this in mind that SEO is a long-term thing, although it results are more fruitful, it takes sometimes to become prominent. So, if you are planning on building your brand start your SEO from day 1.In this way, by the team, your Website and everything is checked and ready your Brand’ Ranking is also improved.

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SEO helps increase your Business value

By applying the correct SEO strategies and tactics you can increase your brand value multiple times. SEO helps small business to compete with big brands on fairgrounds.The good ranking shows your Domain authority and makes you a reliable resource. If you yourself do not know about SEO, you should hire some agency which can help you build your Brand to the next level.

SEO Results are measurable

SEO results are measurable. With Google Analytics you can get the full information about the traffic you receive. You can know about their source to even how much each person traveled to the website.You can understand what keywords worked for you what did not and make further strategy accordingly. But to have relevant matric you need to tag your campaigns properly.

It gives a fair Opportunity

As a small business, we understand that you have to keep everything on a tight budget. You may not be able to compete with large budgets of your competitors in AdWords but you can certainly be at their level with right SEO strategies.This where hiring the right agency places an important role. There are a lot of people selling SEO services in the market, but all may not be strategy oriented.

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SEO Helps you Tap New Markets

When you are among the top three in the ranking you are bound to get the maximum share of the market as no has to interest in a website at even om 3rd or 4th page. We simply don’t have that much time or patience.

SEO will help you tap into the new markets. Once your website is fully optimized you can expand your horizon and start targeting new keywords. You now have the time and opportunity for launching new products and services and let the search engine bring you relevant traffic.

SEO helps builds Audience

In Digital Marketing all the channels are interrelated, spending in one channel will not just benefit that, but also helps to build other channels.

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When you get more traffic through SEO, your Social Media followers also increase as people are more likely to follow you to have more updates on your brand.Similarly, the more traffic the more they subscribe to your emails. So this gives you a great opportunity to build your own community.

SEO improves your CTR

High SEO ranking automatically means more click-through rate. Having a high click-through rate is very important for SEO. Click Through rate helps you measure that how many people clicked your website once you reach them.

As your click-through rates get better, your website’s time-on0site will improve. The longer the visitors stay on your website the more likely he is to convert.


Search Engine Optimization is a necessity for your website if you want to grow Business to a new height. As a small business SEO is a tool which can get you a fair share of the market.

Now if you are worried that you don’t know how to do SEO, you need not worry. We at Digifyers have dedicated a team for SEO which will help you achieve the goals which you always thought were far away.We not only provide SEO but a 360-degree Digital Marketing Services. We believe in making a name for a Brand .