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List of Top 8 Gadgets

With technology progressing leaps and bounds and plethora of new gadgets popping up everyday people have been having a tough time maintaining their “must-have” list. Well, sweat no more because we at Digifyers, have compiled just the list that would cater to most of you. Without any more rant let’s jump right ahead into the ocean(figuratively).

Google Home/Amazon Echo

Big names come first.

“Get answers, play songs, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment and control your smart home with just your voice.”

Well, that’s what Google says which apparently is true for Echo too. They seamlessly integrate themselves in your day to day lives from playing music to narrating audiobooks with Home Automation enabled for future, setting up alarms and adding chores to calendar and much more. Google Home goes one step ahead with streaming directly via chrome cast to your laptops and televisions whatever it is asked to output. Well now it really boils down to personal preference what you want. Just a heads up Home costs a bit more than what the basic variant of Echo costs. Just saying!

Top 8 Gadgets Of 2018

Boat Bass Heads 225

Well this is one my favorites on this list. You can call Boat “Xiaomi” of headsets. Super affordable priced at just 599/- or even under 500/-(in sale) and great audio output. I have bought it 2 times, personally the other time I lost them which was a bummer but voila without so even a Google search of “Best earphones under 500” I ordered these. With a great mix of bass and treble to cater to audiophiles, it comes in cool shades of blue, black, red and frost white(The Coolest!).

Top 8 Gadgets Of 2018

Mi Band 3

The successor to Mi band 3, is basically a fitness tracker and a watch. With recording real-time data for cycling, running and even swimming. It can function underwater up to 50 meters. It comes with a .78inch OLED display and can display WhatsApp and facebook messages, display notifications and even interact with incoming calls. Well, price in India hasn’t been revealed yet. Judging by Xiaomi’s track record it will be priced around Rs.2000-2500/-.

Top 8 Gadgets Of 2018

Universal Solar Charger

Well, this is what we call innovation in day to day life. Forget all your worries about charging either your smartphone or your power bank. The heading sure is a spoiler. With pre-installed solar panels just and a capacity of 13000mAh charging has never been a breeze. It has dual outputs for ease of charging multiple devices.

Top 8 Gadgets Of 2018

Rewy Universal 12X Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Lens

Well, phones are no DSLR’s which puts a limit to their image capturing detail and especially the distance up to which they could zoom without distorting the image. This gadget solves one of those problems for you. You can with ease capture long distance objects, all you have to do is just clip it over your phone’s camera lens and you get a 12x zoom-abled camera. Plus it weighs only around 99.8g, That’s light! Talking about the price, it only costs Rs.600/-.

Top 8 Gadgets Of 2018

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2

A perfect solution for all the gamers out there. With games like PUBG and FORTNITE in rage, tapping screens seem rather blatant. To describe it in layman terms it’s a Bluetooth smartphone gamepad for android phones. Not only does it look stylish it does it work well too. It packs a 400mA battery which lasts it for about 12 hours. You can snugly fit your phone on the clamp above the gamepad. It’s rather on the costly side Rs.2,899 but totally worth your penny.

Top 8 Gadgets Of 2018

HP X3500 Wireless Comfort Mouse

This is counted amongst one of the cheapest wireless mouse. In case any of you are looking to buy a mouse well your search ends here! Aesthetically speaking it looks sporty and a hybrid of that of a gaming mouse and a normal one and it pulls it off really well. It’s powered by 2 AA batteries. From regular usage to even gameplays it holds it’s precision throughout and it only costs Rs 599/-. If you ask us we would definitely recommend it as a must buy.

Top 8 Gadgets Of 2018

Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter

Recently we all have been troubled by this common prospect of smartphones coming with hybrid sim and sc card solutions where you can either a fit 2 nano sim cards or one nano sim and an sd card. This stands contrary to what we used to get a while ago(2 sim cards + sd card ). You just have to fit the frontal part of the adapter into one of the slots provided in your smartphone and in the rear end, you can easily fit two sim cards without hassle.

Top 8 Gadgets Of 2018