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Everyone must have heard about the word Instagram.

Wikipedia has delineated Instagram as “a photo and video-sharing social networking service. Owned by Facebook, it was created by Kevin systrome and Mike Krieger.

If you are a business owner, then this can be a life changing decision for you, as Instagram gives you a lot more than just amusement. As today most of the marketers are expeditiously realizing that Instagram can be a great source for endorsing a company’s product and services.

While Twitter and Facebook is one of the largest growing social media platforms, Instagram has appeared to be a tough competition for them.

Apart from the entertainment, Instagram helps you to market your business and it acts as a powerful marketing platform.

Here are some of the statistics of marketing through Instagram that is going to blow up your mind:

1. Instagram users are growing with speed

As compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram users are rapidly growing by 5% whereas Facebook users are growing by only 3% even after the growth, Instagram still has a wide potential for growth.

Instagram has a large number of users acts as an advantage for the marketers to expand their products and services.

instagram users

2. More than 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business page

When it comes to marketing or digital advertising, people get bored of them on the social media but with Instagram, it’s not the same because more than 80% of the Instagram users to follow at least one or more business accounts. This can be a great benefit for the businesses as the customers can easily be informed of the latest product and services without the interruption of the so-called digital advertisements on other social media.

3. Instagram’s engagement rate is fifteen times that of Facebook

All the promoting specialist and the business owners know obtaining people to truly engage with your content is immensely more vital than merely people view it. This is the great part of the reason the marketers are rapidly turning to Instagram that has engagement rates fifteen times over facebook and twenty times over twitter.

If you wish that people should enthusiastically interact with your content and be a part of your audience of potential customers than instagram could be a platform you ought to positively be using.

4. 60% of Instagram hashtags are branded

Instagram at present has 200 million monthly active users, 60 million pictures are uploaded each day, 1.6 billion likes occur per day, and with all these hashtags are also being used which further has higher engagement rates. The posts with hashtags have an advantage over the photos without hashtags.



Instagram has rapidly grown into an enormous social networking site and most of the marketers are using it for expanding their business if you are on the one then the above-mentioned statistics of Instagram as the powerful marketer will for sure help you to think about it.