PPC management

PPC ( Pay-per-click) is an effective marketing technique in which the advertisers have to pay a certain amount each time their ads, that are displayed on the search engine are clicked. Pay-per-click advertising is also known as keyword advertising. It is a technique to earn organically when certain ads are clicked. It is an advertising model to increase traffic on websites in order to publicize our product.

For the products to appear one of the search engine result pages, the advertisers have to bid on the keywords. This process is also known as Ad Auction which is an automatic process that all the search engines use to diagnose the relevance of advertisements that appear on the result page.

This technique is mostly associated with search engines with Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads. It is an extremely profitable technique which can help advertisers to reach large audiences and earn even higher profits. Also, the clicks on the ads that are displayed as a result of organic search help us to determine the attention and interest of the users towards the brand.

Our PPC Services

Search marketing

It is the process of placing online advertisements on the search engine result pages. Search advertisements are made to match with keywords that are entered in the search engines. Search marketing helps increase the brand values of the products. This technique increases the accessibility of the users towards useful information in very less time. Thus these type of advertisements is an extremely constructive form of advertising.

Display advertising

Display marketing is another form of pay-per-click. It is a process of advertising the products on mobile applications, websites, games, and other social media platforms through clickable ads. These ads could be in any form be it text, images, audio, video, or games. Its principal purpose is to deliver brand information to the users or the site visitors. Display marketing is used to target audience possessing a particular trait to increase the effectiveness of the ads. So, get your ads displayed in the most attractive manner in about 2 million websites.

Shopping campaigns

Shopping campaigns are used to promote our product online and increase traffic on our websites. It helps the advertisers to promote their products by providing detailed information to potential users regarding what the client is trying to sell even before the ad is clicked. These ads help in providing the customers with a strong sense about the product which in turn gives advertisers more qualified leads. So, come join us and assure to provide you with a powerful shopping campaign for your website.

Video campaigns

Video campaigns are again a form of advertising in which an attractive video is broadcasted on youTube and other Google Display Networks giving information about your product. It is an interactive and exciting technique to divert the mind of potential customers. Also, video campaigns help us to reach wide audience in no time and paying very less. It is considered as a great way to brand the product and services of a company to customers but also drives clicks on the websites at extremely low cost.

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic search ads are most the easiest way to find potential customers who are searching for exactly the same thing that a particular advertiser is offering.  It uses your own website to target your ads and helps to fill in the gaps of keyword-based campaigns. This technique helps in delivering more clicks on the website.

Mobile App Installs

Mobile app installs allow the users to install your app directly from the ad. Based on where your ad appears, any original content may be added to, dropped, or modified during the ad serving process. This process helps us to give an amazing experience to our clients form our ads.

Mobile App engagement

Mobile App engagement helps the advertisers in finding people who are interested in the content of your app or the people who feel like trying the app again. This technique helps us to increase the flexibility counting conversions, bidding, and targeting. It helps us to focus our app particularly on the people who seem interested.

Call only campaign

Call only campaign is an advertising technique which allows the clients to call on your business once the ad is clicked. It helps in increasing the call to your business instead of increasing the clicks on the website. It is an interactive way to connect to your client by putting the ad only when the advertiser is free to take one.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is a type of advertising in which ads appears on mobile-like devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. This type of advertising can also take place by sending texts on mobile phone giving details about a particular product or through banner advertisements.

Remarketing Campaign                                     

Remarketing campaigns shows ads only to those clients who have visited the website or used the mobile application. This technique helps the advertisers to reconnect to their customers by showing them appropriate ads and thus increasing their interests. It helps to reach more audience in limited time and money.

Why our PPC service

We assure you to provide all the above service with full professionalism and trust. You could get an entire package at a limited cost and goo strategy. Also, the entire work would be carried out by a team of dedicated professionals.

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