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List of Most Important Term in Google Analytics


Notes that help us to understand traffic patterns


Understanding the source of sales & revenue. Attributions is mainly classified into  First click and last click.

Bounce rate

The % of people who land on one of your web pages and then leave without clicking to anywhere else on your website

In other Words, single page visitor

Health Bounce rate – 70%

Conversion Rate

The number of people  who converted on your website (typically filling out a form or Another action you have predefined) divided number of people who visited  your website

A Characteristic of your data that you can use in filters


In Google Analytics some default dimensions include browsers   landing page and campaign.

Page view

When a page is loaded and Google analytics Track that

Count even of the same visitor came back or refreshes the page .  A single user can have 10 page views in single session.

Unique page views negate the same use   visiting the same page again


A visit by unique user in a window of 30 mins 

EX:-  If a user visits your website in the morning once and in the evening once  it is counted as 2 sessions.

If a visiter  stay 1 hr in website then it will be counted as 2 sessions


The No of unique user visiting your website

The same user visiting  your website on a different day using same device will be counted as single user

EX:- User X visit your website today

He goes through 5 different pages within 30 mins

1 user- 1session – 5page views

EX 2:- user X visit your  Website  twice once in morning and once in the evening

He goes through 5 different pages within 30mins in morning and 3 different  pages in evening

1user- 2 session- 8 page views


The number of pages visited on average per session in the given time frame


Entrance is number of times visitor entered your site through a specified pages or set of pages


The specific URL from which traffic has originated from .it would  be Google , Facebook or Direct

top sources - List of Most Important  Term  in Google Analytics


Every referral to website also has medium possible include





top mediums - List of Most Important  Term  in Google Analytics


Default groups of traffic sources with multiple similar mediums

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