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Google is planning to release a censored version of Google Search in China. It’s was a decade ago that the communist regime found Google flouting the censorship laws and banned the search engine from China. According to the documents, Google has already presented a demo to the Chinese officials.

According to a document leaked tagged “Google Confidential” the project has been under works since the last spring in 2017. The story was first reported by The Intercept earlier today.

google blogpost2 - A censored version of Google Search in China

In a conference in 2016, CEO of Google Sundar Pichai stated “I care about servicing users globally in every corner. Google is for everyone,” he said. “We want to be in China serving Chinese users.” Looks like it was an indication to Google’s remittance in China.

imp - A censored version of Google Search in China

As revealed by one of the employees of Google the project has been codenamed “Dragonfly”. The Chinese great firewall is the force implementing the Draconian censorship laws banning multiple websites and censoring the content on the web. The app would censor the topics like anti-communism, democracy, human rights, and religion. This move seems a bit astray to its ideology on Chinese censorship.

According to Intercept, if a person tries to search sensitive keywords the page will either return no results or the censored content will be removed from the results and a disclaimer would be displayed “some results may have been removed due to statutory requirements”.

This move has not gone down well with the Chiese Human rights association and has condemned Google for this move. Google isn’t completely ousted from China, it still has a few apps up and running in the country like Files Go and Google Translate. Also, Google announced that it would soon be opening an Artifical Intelligence Center in Beijing. Looks like Google is planning to finally enter the censor-ridden country one step at a time.

Google plans to release its search in the form of a customized Android app and it has already been presented to the top officials in China also it’s working on a second application which would act as a news aggregator. Timeline of the release is still uncertain and Google, as of now, has declined any comment.