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A Blog is a web page that is written in a conversational tone and is updated regularly. It is usually run by an individual or a community of people. A blog is not only the most effective marketing tool for entrepreneurs and business owners, but it also acts as a source to keep a record of your thoughts, ideas, opinions, or experiences that you wish to share with people via the internet.

Depending upon your interest, you can even run a small food blog where you can share the recipes of your dishes, or you can become a travel blogger and can take people to various undiscovered places through your posts. Blogging can also be used as a tool to introduce people to your products and services, in case you run a business. Overall, blogging is beneficial and interesting as well!

But apart from being interesting, blogging is not something that you can directly jump into without knowing its right basics. Remember, the blog is not a business report. It requires a conversational tone.

Readers generally prefer the blog that is easy-to-read and that is written keeping them in mind. There is no doubt in the fact that blogging experience improves with time, but there are few facts that you should keep in mind before starting with your first blogging experience.

Blog Writing

So, let’s have a quick glance at some blogging Do’s And Don’ts-


Selecting Title

Depending on the genre of your blog, you must be very well aware with the kind of audience that is going to land on your page. Your focus should be on your audience. While writing the blog, always put yourself in the shoes of your readers. This will help you in understanding that exactly what your readers are looking for.

For example– If you host a travel blog, then you can try sharing your life experiencing or any short story with your readers. This will help your readers in establishing a connection with you. But on the other hand, if you are writing any technical blog, then narrating a story is not going to be of any use because in this case, readers are looking for a mature and accurate content.

So, my point is that, try to understand the interest of your readers and then design the content accordingly.

Make Proper Use of Headings and Paragraphs

Imagine if you are going through a blog, and all the content is written in a single paragraph without any use of headings. Will you find the blog interesting? Obviously not! You will not even read the whole blog. So, if you don’t want the same thing to happen to your blog, then always divide the content in paragraphs. And always give relatable headings and sub- headings to these paragraphs. This will maintain the interest of audience while reading your blog.

title png

Use Conversational Tone

People are reading your blog because they want to gather information on any topic. It is always better to do one-to-one conversation rather than talking in third person. By using conversational tone, you can secure the attachment of the reader towards your blog. This makes the audience feel that the blog is written especially for them, hence they feel connected.

Include Links and Images

Although, content is the king, but writing all the content without including any links or images will appear very monotonous to the readers. Always try to include related links and images to spice up your blog. Including links make the content more informative and including images makes your blog more visually attractive for the readers.


Don’t Forget Proofreading

Skipping proofreading can land you in a big trouble. You can use any app like grammarly for pointing out your spelling and grammatical errors. Well, you can always ask any of your friends to proofread your content. This increases the quality of your content and for obvious reasons, you don’t want your readers to point out your grammatical mistakes. Therefore, to avoid any kind of bad impression, always go for proofreading.


Never Limit Your Word Count

If you want to say something, then just say it without worrying about the word count. Limiting the word count might result in the vagueness in the clarity of your content. And as I said earlier, people are reading your blog because they want to gather knowledge regarding some topic. Therefore, never hesitate in putting your content in a proper amount of words.

Avoid Having Auto play Music, Videos or Ads

Now, this might be really irritating for the reader if you have auto play music, videos or ads embedded within your blog. Hence, avoid doing that. Our main purpose is to make the blog easy to read and convenient for the reader, so the blog designing should be done keeping this fact in mind.

Avoid Having Auto play Music, Videos or Ads


Your blog is for the growth of your business and ideas. Keeping in mind the basic Do’s and Don’ts, you can create an amazing blog, but it is very important to keep updating the blog and adapting to new ideas.

Never hesitate in trying new things that you think will be beneficial for your blog. Always remember the basic fact, that your blog is for your readers. Hence, design your blog and content accordingly and you are ready to have an amazing blogging experience.

Happy Blogging!