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Narendra Modi Ji has elected as the Prime Minister of India for the second time. BJP has achieved super-sized victory, decimating opposition with 300+ seats in Lok Sabha. In 2014 BJP won by 282 seats and in 2019 won by 302 seats.

In an interview with Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) at San Jose, California Narendra Modi said that when he started using Social Media and Internet, he was not knowing that he would become a Chief Minister of Gujarat or Prime Minister of India. He said very interesting facts about Social Media, his words were “People like guides than books and if someone gives a sure suggestion, it is the best. My curiosity for technology makes me use Social Media. Through Social Media, I get the desired information in few words that helps me a lot.”
Mark Zuckerberg with Modi Ji

BJP becomes the most spender on Digital Advertisement for Elections in 2019.

•    Total ad spent by political parties on Google, YouTube and other Google Partners more about 27 crores.

•    BJP spent 60% of the total spent 17 crore Rs. which is 500% more than Congress.

•    Indian National Congress spent Rs. 2.7 crore.

•    From February to 11 May BJP spent Rs. 4 Crore on Facebook, which is 200% more than Congress.

•    Congress spent around Rs.1.3 crore on Facebook during the same period.

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Goals of BJP for digital advertisements:

•    Build enough engagement and excitement among people regarding voting

•    People’s response to various channels will work as social proof to generate interest and build a strong trust relationship between Party and People.

•    BJP’s tailor-made content strategy for the different region to reach the maximum audience at high frequency.

•    Information of any Yojana or Project is directly delivered to people to aware them regarding political activities and improvements of the party.

As Narendra Modi ji is an early bird of India to use digital media for political and governance factors. So, he gets the maximum benefits from Digital Media. He leads the Social Media like Facebook and 3 million and 46.8 million followers accordingly. Content is published depend upon the interest of the followers.

Digital Marketing Strategy of BJP -Digifyers , Twitter page
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Digital Marketing Strategy of BJP-Digifyers,facebook page

Digital Marketing Strategy of BJP to achieve their desired goal of Elections and set a new history for BJP in India.

•    Trough Digital Advertisement, the conversion is voting in favor of BJP. AIDA (Awareness Interest Desire Action) funnel is designed to generate awareness of the achievements of BJP, getting people’s interest by keeping them engaging in various activity. Taking decisions according to the reaction and response of the followers.

•  Segmentation is an effective way to give motivational messages and content according to different age group. Customized content strategy engages all age group.

•    During Election, Environment BJP has run many advertisement campaigns over the various platform. According to Snehiltalks BJP has gained noticeable traffic through different sources.

BJP website visitors details

How Social Media Sites drives traffic on BJP’s Official website

Social Media Sites drives traffic on BJP’s Official website
  1. Be remembered and maximize reach and engagement
  2. Building trust and involving the public to develop Digital India is the main aim of Digital Marketing activities of BJP. Make in India and Digital India campaigns help the public to know how our government is trying to develop India and achievement of the Central Government.
  3. BJP plans content to appeal to the public to comment, share and give their unbiased view regarding content.
  4. Effective Digital Marketing Tactics of the Bhartiya Janata Party
  5.  Multiple Social Media Pages to deliver a specific message
  6. BJP has umbrella structured social media pages for their different projects and “One Page One Goal” tactic is used to effectively deliver the message to the targeted audience.

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Some of Social Media Pages of Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP)

My Gov India (Official Page)

MyGov Inida BJP offical facebook page

My first vote for MODI

image 1 1024x491 - Digital Marketing Strategy of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party)

Bharat Ke Mann ki Baat (Unvarified)

Bharat Ke Mann ki Baat (Unvarified) BJP facebook


Modi 11 BJP facebook page

Multilingual Content

The mixture of multilingual content with all type of content formats India has different Regional languages. Digital Marketing Team of BJP creates content in different languages for the targeted region to get the high impact of their messages. Instead of using monotonous content, they use text with images, video, memes, and even live videos.

BJP Multilingual Content

Live videos

Narendra Modi Youtube Channel

Highly engaging content creation

BJP always engage the citizens with different content like competition, seminar live streaming, experience of foreign meets, their work result with numbers and also people tag Narendra Modi to post content related to him and nation. Modi Ji inspires the youth of the nation by using online platforms to develop India together digitally.

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BJP competition


Bhartiya Janata Party has always thought about the development of the nation and taken steps forward to develop the nation in all areas like education, economy, children and women empowerment.

 BJP takes the initiative to use technology, the internet, and social media to make United India. Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is the real hero of the nation.